A love for the cannabis plant and a little bit of luck connected Jaime and Laurel. They decided to team up and create the highest quality artisanal cannabis products possible with the hopes of sharing the magic cannabis had brought into their own lives.


    We consider our impact in every touchpoint of our brand. From the flower we choose and the farms we source from down to our packaging, we aim to choose the most sustainable methods available.


    We believe everyone has the right to know what they put in their bodies. We honor total transparency with our products - always using the highest quality cannabis, and always a clean and solventless manufacturing process.


    We are aware of the historical injustices in this industry and understand the responsibility we have as a cannabis company. As a 100% women-owned brand, we pledge to use our voice, products, and community to help make this industry diverse and inclusive.

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About us


Look for our delicious and fruity Gummy Gems in your local dispensary starting Summer 2023!

About us


We make ice water hash, hash rosin, flower rosin, and infused edible and topical products. We love partnering with cultivators and brands. Please reach out if you'd like our help to create your own amazing products!

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